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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Stripper Heels

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Tips for Choosing Stripper Shoes

Comfort is Queen

Although 8-inch heels look intimidating, the sky-high platforms make the pitch a very reasonable 4 inches. So if you can walk comfortably in 4-inch heels – you can walk in 8-inch heels, no problem.

But once your heel is raised 3 or more inches, 90% of your bodyweight transfers over the ball of your foot. So you want to ensure the brand of stripper heels you’re wearing has the majority of the footbed’s cushion under the ball of your foot to help alleviate how much weight will be placed there. (This bodyweight distribution explains how “pony heels” or heel-less fetish shoes allow you to walk without the heel).

You’ll also want to look for shoes with ample arch support, and if you're shopping for sandals, make sure the ankle & foot straps are wide enough to secure your feet without digging into your skin. After hours in your shoes, your feet will thank you for this!

Finding the Right Fit

Because shoe sizing can vary between brands, you can get the most accurate measurement by standing barefoot on a sheet of paper, and tracing around your foot. Use this to measure the total length (heel to longest toe), and width (at widest part of your foot).

With these two measurements in hand, you can check these against the size guides from any brand online to be sure you're getting the right size for you.

Heel Height & Stability

When it comes to heel height, some dancers prefer sky-high 8-inch heels, while others feel more stable in 7-inch heels. Start with a height that feels manageable for you and gradually work your way up. Speaking of stability, make sure your shoes have a non-slip footbed, like faux suede, to prevent any tumbles. Even the most experienced dancers can bite it if their feet sweat on a slippery footbed.

Styles & Designs

Classics Never Die

Classic clear stripper heels & versatile black boots go with any outfit, and boots give you maximum ankle stability. These foundational styles will always come in handy and give you a solid base for your collection.

Statement Heels

If you'd rather hit the stage guns blazing, choose shoes that have unique designs, bold color-ways, or embellishments. Eye-catching shoes will help you stand out from a mile away.

Selecting the Right Shoe for Your Dance Style

Pole Dancing

For pole dancers, grip is essential. Look for shoes that are made entirely or partially of patent PU (“patent” = a clear gloss coating; “PU” = polyurethane a.k.a. vegan leather) that sticks to the pole. We always try to add high gloss materials like patent PU in the exact spots you need to grip the pole for climbing or tricks, so you don’t need to change shoes depending on what you’re feeling that night.

Ankle support is also crucial for stability in refined, aesthetic pole work. Ankle or calf-high boots are perfect for this type of dancing.


For floorwork, you'll want heels made from materials that'll help you glide effortlessly across the floor like velvet, suede, or matte PU. Some stage or studio floors are grippier than others, so on grippy floors like hardwood or vinyl, you’ll want to either avoid sticky patent shoes entirely, or at least find shoes where the patent parts are not in the places your shoes will make contact with the floor. Laminate or stage flooring doesn’t stick to patent materials, so you should be fine doing floorwork in full patent boots on these.

Maintaining Your Stripper Shoes

Cleaning & Storage

Depending on the material, you can wipe your shoes down with a damp cloth. Softer materials like faux suede can be wiped clean with micellar water or any shoe-approved velvet cleaners. For cleaning up rhinestones or hard to reach places, a toothbrush is best.

Most importantly, keep your shoes as dry as possible at all times. Moisture is the #1 reason shoe materials break, so make sure to let your shoes dry completely before shoving them into any hot or dark enclosed space, like a backpack/bag, trunk, or locker. Heat, humidity, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can also weaken shoe materials, so don't store shoes in your car if you can help it. 

Off ya go!

Now you're ready to slither off in some hot new kicks. Remember, comfort is queen, and finding the right fit is paramount. Keep your heels as dry as possible between wears, and whether you prefer versatile classics or bold statement heels, your shoes should make you look & feel like a centerstage star ✨

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