A Dancer's Guide to Comfortable Stripper Shoes

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Anytime you see a high heel shoe where the heel is 4 or more inches higher than the platform, this pushes 70% of your bodyweight onto the ball of your foot. This means that as a stripper who spends HOURS on your feet and probably wears heels way taller than 4", it's imperative to understand what can make or break the comfort of a shoe before you invest money into them, or worse—show up for a shift with no back-up pair.

Choosing the Right Upper Material

The upper material of a stripper's shoes is a vital factor in determining comfort. Opt for shoes made from high-quality, durable, breathable materials that allow the feet to stay cool despite long hours of standing, walking, or dancing. Clear TPU sandals are a classic choice because TPU molds to the shape of your foot, which provides extreme comfort & stability. TPU is also extremely durable, and best of all—it's highly resistant to water, which makes it less likely for a strap to break if your feet get sweaty. 

Boots of any material are also great, as long as they're lined in a soft, moisture-wicking material like faux suede.

Choosing the Right Heel Height

Strippers are known for their sky-high heels, but finding the right heel height is crucial for comfort. 6-inch & 7-inch heels are certainly easier to navigate the stairs, nooks, and crannies of a club, which makes 6" & 7" the heel height preference for many dancers. However, the platform on a 6-inch heel is usually 1.75", and the platform on a 7-inch heel is usually 2.75" which means the pitch (tippy-toe shape your foot is forced into) will be steeper with a 6" or 7" heel than with a taller 8" heel. This can result in more foot pain after a long night than a taller heel would have, since 6" & 7" heels distribute more of your bodyweight over the balls of your feet.

On the other hand, 8-inch heels with their more gradual pitch distribute bodyweight more evenly—but while generally more comfortable, require a bit of finesse to navigate, especially for those new to heels.

Padded Footbeds

Padded insoles can significantly contribute to the comfort of stripper shoes. As mentioned, when the majority of your bodyweight is on the ball of your foot, you want the most padding in that area to help absorb that. We developed our heels' footbeds with an extremely thick fusion of latex rubber & memory foam, contoured to the natural shape of a foot, with built-in arch support & a raised toe bar to help absorb your bodyweight when walking, standing, or dancing. 

No matter which brand of stripper shoes you choose, you want to check out the padding of the footbed to ensure it's thickest where the heel & ball of your foot will be. Shoes designed with proper arch support contribute to overall foot health and comfort.

Proper Sizing & Fit

Ill-fitting shoes can quickly turn your night into a living hell. Stripper heels should fit snug enough that they don't move or shift as you walk or dance. Shoes that are too loose put you at risk of slipping or stumbling, which can break either your shoe or your ankle. 

If you're trying on heels in the store, it's better to err on the side of too-tight than too-loose, because most stripper shoes will mold to your foot shape with time & wear, but loose shoes are a liability.

If you're shopping online, check the brand's size guide (and actually measure your feet ;) to verify whether their sizing aligns with what you're used to.

That's It!

In the world of exotic dancing, the secret to a successful and enjoyable night lies in the comfort of your stripper shoes. Dancers who prioritize comfort not only enhance their performance but also prioritize their own well-being. By understanding the importance of materials, heel height, platform soles, sizing, and support, dancers can find the perfect pair that combines style with ultimate comfort, ensuring that every night is a pain-free experience.

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